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Sankyo Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. as a global company, break through with solid research, high quality and wide sales network.

Technical history of human beings has continuously seeked for harder material, starting from stone, bronze to iron.
Various types of materials, such as cemented carbide, ceramics are being developted in the trend of this new material revolution.
But the "Diamond" is still the hardest substance on Earth.
"Sankyo Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd." is a comprehensive manufaturing and sales company that transforms the hard nature of diamond into diamond tool which can "Cut, Grind and Polish" any hard material by state of the art powder metallurgy technology.
Our products are used in various fields not only in Japan but all over the world.
Particular in dry cut field, we have gained overwhelming trust as Sankyo Diamond of "SD Cutter".
We will maintain with our continuous reseach and tireless effort, in this time of technological innovation and material revolution are making rapid progress.

Sankyo Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd

Established:November 19, 1966
Capital: 94 million Yen
Business: Manufacture and sale of various types of diamond tools
Head Officer: Ebina Prime Tower 10th floor, 2-9-50, Chuo, Ebina-city, Kanagawa, 243-0432, Japan
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