Rescue cutter For disaster relief

Cutting application

Building and automobiles during the rescue reliefoperation.
Reinforced concrete, Steel wire, Thin steel plate relief operation, I-beam, Nonferrous plate, Stone, Wood, Plastics, Resin products.(Sharpness may not be as good as exclusive blades.)

Able to cut various type of materials.

Image of Rescue cutter
Engine cutter

Able to cut various type of materials.

  • No need to change the blade whatever you cut. Swift and accurate action under urgent situation such as disaster relief.

    Able to cut various type of materials
Rescue cutter is for emmergency use. It is not suitalble for cutting wood or metal as regular operation.
Part No. Outer
Thickness(T) Segment
LP-12R* 303mm 2.5mm 4.0mm 20.0mm -
LP-12R* 303mm 2.5mm 4.0mm 22.0mm 20mm
LP-12R* 303mm 2.5mm 4.0mm 25.4mm 20/22mm
LP-12R* 303mm 2.5mm 4.0mm 30.5mm 20/22/25.4mm
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Drawing of diamond blade

Drawing of diamond blade
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