Diamond grinding wheel

Sankyo produce and develops original grinding wheel, to meet the diversity of work piece and process condition.

STEP 1: Develop the market demanded product, by sales and R&D section united.
STEP 2: Measure and blend diamond, metal powder and resin the materials of grinding wheel.
STEP 3: Non-simultaneous sintering, simultaneous sintering.
STEP 4: Process into suitable shape, according to the usage.
STEP 5: Process, dress and polish the outer diameter, according to the requirement.
STEP 6: Measure each size, visual check and inspect the balance. The qualified product will be packaged.
STEP 7: Deliver to a customer.

  • VIT fine wheel

    VIT fine wheel

    Appication: Grinding PCD and PCBN tools.

  • Siamex wheel

    Siamex wheel

    Application: Machining a cutting resistant material such as sermet and ceramic.

  • SD dry

    SD dry

    Appication: Tool-grinding and profile-grinding using a universal tool and cutter grinder.