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Sankyo Diamond Industrial

  • FS2000 Multi
  • Cutting cast iron pipe

Cutting appication:
Cast iron pipe, powder coated ductile iron pipe, thin steel plate

Hi speed cutting exclusive for cast iron
  • Image of FS2000 Multi
  • Circular saw
  • High spped cutting exclusive for cast iron

High speed cutting achieved by vacuum brazing, exclusively developed for cast iron purpose.
Segement type,focused on sharpness.
It also cuts roof tile, thin steel plate (less than 1mm), marble, slate,
vinyl chloride, tile, FRP, fiber cement siding.

DO NOT use for reinforced concrete pipe, nonferrous metal pipe such as aluminum pipe, general steel pipe and high alloy cast iron products.

Unit: mm
Part No. Outer
Thickness(T) Segment
Ring MRP
(Tax excluded)
FS-M4 105 2.1 5.0 20.0 15 ¥11,400
  • Drawing of diamond blade
  • D: Outer diameter
    X: Segment height
    H: Inner diameter
    T: Thickness