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Sankyo Diamond Industrial

  • Enbi Cut Ace Nejikomiipatsu
  • Cutting polivinyl chloride pipe

Cutting application: Polivinyl chloride pipe

Flange which can directly install to the disk grinder
  • Image of Enbi Cut Ace Nejikomiipatsu
  • Grinder
  • Enable to install directly to the disk grinder

For cutting polivinyl chloride pipe plus adopting flange which can directly install to the disk grinder.

Unit: mm
Part No. Outer
Thickness(T) Segment
Ring MRP
(Tax excluded)
PEB-N4 100 0.8 15.0 M10 - ¥6,300
  • Drawing of diamond blade
  • D: Outer diameter
    X: Segment height
    M: Inner diameter
    T: Thickness