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Sankyo Diamond Industrial

  • Laser Hayabusa
  • Cutting stone

Cutting application: Stone

Suitable for cutting granite
  • Image of Laser Hayabusa
  • GWJb^[d@Jb^[
  • Less segment damages, longer tool lfe.

Diamond segments and steel core are jointed together by laser welding.
Successfully achived long tool life, less damage to the segement caused by the heat generated by cutting operation.

Unit: mm
Part No. Outer
Thickness(T) Segment
Ring MRP
(Tax excluded)
LB-9 230 2.2 7.0 22.0 20 ¥34,000
LB-9* 230 2.2 7.0 25.4 20/22 ¥34,000
*Built-to-order production
  • Drawing of diamond blade
  • D: Outer diameter
    X: Segment height
    H: Inner diameter
    T: Thickness