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Sankyo Diamond Industrial

  • FS2000
  • Cutting cast iron pipe

Cutting application:
Cast iron pipe, cast iron drainage pipe, ductile iron pipe, powder coated ductile iron pipe

Cuts cast iron at high speed
  • Image of FS2000
  • Engine cutter
  • High speed cutting

High speed cutting achieved by vacuum brazing, exclusively developed for cast iron purpose.

Unit: mm
Part No. Outer
Thickness(T) Segment
Ring MRP
(Tax excluded)
FS-12 305 3.4 2.0 30.5 20/22/25.4 ¥98,000
FS-14 355 3.4 2.0 30.5 20/22/25.4 ¥120,000
*Exclude for cutting cast iron. DO NOT use for reinforced concrete pipe, nonferrous metal pipe such as aluminum pipe, general steel pipe and high alloy cast iron products.
  • Drawing of diamond blade
  • D: Outer diameter
    X: Segment height
    H: Inner diameter
    T: Thickness