Japan Pro DX Cutting asphalt

Cutting application

 Paved road (SR-AFasphalt,SR-ACFasphalt/concrete,SR-CFconcrete)

Diamond blade exclusive for cutting road.

Image of Japan Pro DX
Road cutter

Reducing noise function.

Special steel core reduces noise which occurs during a cut process and suppresses offensive high-pitched tone.

Part No. Outer
Thickness(T) Segment
*SR-A10 272mm 2.5mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-A12 322mm 3.0mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-A14 372mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-A16 422mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-A18 472mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
*SR-AC10 272mm 2.5mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-AC12 322mm 3.0mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-AC14 372mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-AC16 422mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-AC18 472mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
*SR-C10 272mm 2.5mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-C12 322mm 3.0mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-C14 372mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-C16 422mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
SR-C18 472mm 3.2mm 7.0mm 27.0mm -
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Drawing of diamond blade

Drawing of diamond blade
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