SD Cutter S Protect Cutting reinforced concrete

Cutting application

 Concrete products in general, reinforced concrete, brick, block, mortar, ALC

Fastest cutting speed in SD cutter series.

Image of SD Cutter S Protect
Circular saw
Segment height 8mm
Protect chip

Sharpness improved

  • Protect effected thin blade combined with segment type focused on sharpness, provides effect in doubled.
    Cut speed improved in 1.4 times
    Compare with our SD-F4
    (Result may varies depending on operation condition)

    Image of Protect chip
Part No. Outer
Thickness(T) Segment
SD-SF4 107mm 2.0mm 8.0mm 20.0mm 15mm
SD-SF5 125mm 2.2mm 8.0mm 22.0mm 20mm
SD-SF6 150mm 2.3mm 8.0mm 22.0mm 20mm
SD-SF7 180mm 2.3mm 8.0mm 25.4mm 20/22mm

Drawing of diamond blade

Drawing of diamond blade
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